Cherry Veneer | Plywood Sheets | Furniture

A product that is extracted from a cherry tree is known as cherry veneer. This product is then utilized for creating doors, furniture and even flooring. A veneer is actually a sheet made of wood that is generally affixed with plywood. One can utilize cherry veneer along with other inexpensive wood options for getting the cherry look without spending a huge sum of money on solid wood. Another benefit of using cherry veneer is that they keep up the natural resources and so are environment friendly.

When you compare it with other options like oak veneers or birch veneers, cherry veneer is comparatively more expensive. However, it also comes with many benefits. It is very easy to work with cherry veneer. The main characteristic because of which this wood is expensive is the pattern of smooth grains as well as the rich color. There are many factors that have an impact on the grain pattern like the way used for cutting the wood and the way used for matching the sheets of cheery veneer. There are different methods of cutting veneers out of a log.

Every different method leads to a unique pattern of grain. The common method that is used is plain slicing. Another method that is used for cutting the veneers is rotary cut. Some of the additional techniques include quarter cutting and rift cutting. When cherry veneer is taken away from the logs, veneer sheets are then stacked according to the way they were cut. The sheets are then joined to one another with a technique called ‘matching’. In this method, the veneer sheets are laid out according to the kind of look that is desired.

A very common method of matching cherry veneer is ‘book match’. In this method, all the cheery veneer sheets are flipped over so as to create the mirror effect. If you are working with rift cut or quarter cut cherry veneer then a symmetrical or more central balance matching has to be done. This will take a lot of effort as all the veneer sheets have to be selected manually and then they have to be matched properly for creating a pleasant effect when these are joined together. In this form, you can buy it from the market and then you can easily use it for creating doors and furniture. Many people find it easy to do a job with cherry veneer, especially, if you are covering a curved area such as a column or any other rounded furniture.

Other than doors or furniture cherry veneer is also used for making cabinets, wall panels, millwork and other architectural uses. You can also get cherry veneer that are pre-cut and can also be customized in a way that it can fit in the manner that the buyer want. Some of the common and popular cuts include quartered, flat premium, flat and even curly figured. You can process such sort of wood with power tools as well as with hand tools. Different finishes can be achieved with cherry veneer. This makes it ideal for many kinds of projects starting from simple applications to more decorative and ornate pieces. This class of wood is also very versatile as it complements different kind of textures and beautiful designs. It has been many years from when people use these for woodworks.

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